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Software Solutions:

Zoftkar is contributor of world class Software Development to various clients. The concern has a proven track record of profitably implementing information technology projects for middle level concerns and for large companies and has a best of-breed team of experienced IT professionals. Zoftkar is Software Development Company with clear focus on high excellence quality, timely delivered and cost-effective software development. ...more

Software can be purchased or acquired as shareware (usually intended for sale after a trial period), liteware (shareware with some capabilities disabled), freeware (free software but with copyright restrictions), public domain software (free with no restrictions), and open source (software where the source code is furnished and users agree not to limit the distribution of improvements). A new trend is software that is made available for use at another site known as an application service provider. ...more
Zoftkar IT services

Our Software development technical aspects include:

  • Client / Server Applications.
  • Middle Tier / 2 Tier / 3 Tier /N Tier Application Development.
  • Product / Component Development.
  • System Integration.
  • Database Application / Management.

Principal directions of our activities are as follows:

  • Research and selection of the optimal technologies.
  • Research of data domain and creation of detailed specifications for a project.
  • Creation of Prototypes and demo versions.
  • System planning (selection of architecture, creation of interaction protocols and technical specifications for Separate modules, etc.).
  • System implementation (creation of specifications for system modules, coding, QA).
  • Creation of project documentation (system architecture and protocols description, source code detailed description (in addition to built-in comments in code), etc.).
  • Creation of end-user documentation (Users Manual, Troubleshooting, Installation Guide, etc.).
  • Product support (implementation of extra features, source code consulting, etc.).
  • Back-end software for web-sites.
  • High-optimized server software.

Our Products:

  • Billing softwares

    • Barcode Recognition Billing Software.
    • Medical Billing Software.
    • Stock Maintenance Software.
  • Bidding softwares

  • Attendance maintenance softwares

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