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Zoftkar is a step ahead in creating mobile applications for iPhone. Our recent mobile application in iPhone is smart word. It is a puzzle game with alphabets. It consists of 22 levels. Each level is of 3 minutes. The game is the formation of dictionary words, the alphabets are in puzzled manner in that we have to form the word. According to the word formation bonus points will be given and some specific style of alphabets also gives bonus points. ...more


Android application developers have a strategic advantage by possessing skills, knowledge and expertise in android application development. Our android application developers have a good background in java programming language along with Android SDK and NDK. We reuse framework APIs to develop world class Android Apps. We will provide Android application development on any platform like windows; Linux and Mac OS. We create beautiful and functional user interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use. ...more


At Zoftkar, the developers with diverse experience in various domains along with creative and practical ideas develop IOS applications for global clientele. We are also ready to join hands with start ups and budding entrepreneurs who are in need of IOS applications for their new business and projects. Our developers are expertise in transforming ideas into effective applications. As a leading IOS application development company, we excel in developing creative and ground-breaking ios applications. Our developers provide high and customized applications for iPhone and other IOS based devices. ...more

Our iOS application development services:

  • Customized iOS Application Development
  • Interactive iPhone/IPad Games Development
  • iOS Multimedia Applications Development
  • Entertainment iOS Apps Development
  • Business iPhone/IPad Applications
  • Ecommerce iPhone Applications
  • Book Publishing iPhone Applications
  • Widget Development for variety of iPhone Applications
  • iPhone Theme, Mock, Icon Design services
  • iPhone Web Service Integration for seamless connectivity
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development

    Porting of Mobile application of different platform to iPhone, includes :

  • Porting Android Application to iPhone
  • Porting BlackBerry Application to iPhone
  • Porting Windows Mobile Application to iPhone


Zoftkar team has plenty of experience implementing mobile software and processes including CRM and supply chain processes in many enterprises, it will be a great addition to any enterprise looking at developing BlackBerry applications to optimize their business processes. Our team of graphic designers and mobile developers will be able to realize your ideas on consumer applications, without creating a huge dent in your wallet. Zoftkar is definitely one of the most reliable names when it comes to BlackBerry applications development and our BlackBerry developers deliver nothing short of the best. When it comes to BlackBerry development, the stability of the platform, quality of development resources and the consistency across all BlackBerry platforms are its best features. ...more


Zoftkar offers all types of custom development for windows mobile platform. We provide emd-to-end development services in windows mobile application development. Skilled windows mobile applications developers help you to develop your mobile applications. Zoftkar will help your business to take these benefits of growth in windows mobile application. For the high quality windows mobile applications development,
Mobile Apps Development Zoftkar Windows Mobile application development services include:

  • Seamless data connectivity apps
  • Utility apps (Mobile Anti-virus, A-GPS/GPS apps)
  • Media enhancement apps (WMP plug-ins, image editors, accelerometer-based apps
  • Apps with rich API support (Bluetooth)
  • Pocket Outlook managers and enhancements for Microsoft Office Mobile
  • Task Management enhancing apps
Our team of experienced developers keeps in mind the delivery time line and work forward providing the best suitable solution for your application development requirements. And other productivity apps and more Windows Mobile games. ...more


Our committed PhoneGap developers utilize their existing skills in HTML and Java Script to create fast, easy and simple mobile web apps. They do so by taking advantage of the native hardware interaction between the iPhone, Android and PhoneGap development. Our PhoneGap development team reuses code across different mobile operating systems by using the “build once, run everywhere” Phone Gap framework. Our PhoneGap developers then test the PhoneGap application in a browser, allowing them to port across different mobile operating systems. We then distribute the apps quickly like Apple App Store and the various markets for Android apps for easy monetization. ...more